Cake vs. Bacon

A household divided over sweet & savory

Chicken, Gouda & Broccoli Stuffed Peppers

I do this thing where I fall in love with a recipe, put it on the dinner menu once a week…week after week after week… until Kyle gets so sick of it, he has to beg me to let him cook something different and remove the meal from rotation for at least two months. Normally, I comply. Not this time! I’ve been politely asking him to prepare these Gouda & […]

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Lemon Spring Cream Puffs

Many a weekend starts off with a series of questions from the littlest household member about how well I grocery shopped that week. “Do we have powdered sugar?” “Yes.” “Do we have butter?” “Duh.” “Do we have almond flour, lavender extract and light corn syrup?” “Umm….” Sooo we meander on to the next recipe until I can successfully answer “yes” to all ingredient inquiries. This week has been particularly dreary. […]

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Eggs Benedict without the Benedict

If you’re anything like us on Saturdays, you have a whole day crammed full of stuff, end up sleeping in too late and lounge around on the couch with coffee too long, then realize you still have to like, eat something before you start on list of said stuff. That’s when Kyle normally steps in with (surprise) some sort of quick egg and bacon concoction. It’s April and my girls […]

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Chocolate Mousse for Two

I am no stranger to treating myself on a Friday night after a long, hectic work week. I always tell myself – nope not going to happen this Friday! This Friday I’m going to be good! Does that ever happen? Rarely. But hey, if I’m going to bake it up and indulge, I at least feel better about it when there are NO leftovers! So here’s a quick chocolate-mousse-for-two recipe […]

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